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Testing facility as per ASTM D 5338 for Biodegradation in Plastics Material

State-of-the-art facility has been created in Rubber & Plastics Laboratory of Material Science
Division (MSD) for the determination of Biodegradation in Plastics material as per ASTM D
5338 standard which is the Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of
Plastic Material under Controlled Composting Conditions, Incorporating Thermophilic
Temperatures which is one of its kind in India. Salient features of this method are:

  • Determines degree and rate of aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials on exposure
    to a controlled-composting environment under laboratory conditions, at thermophilic
  • Yield reproducible and repeatable test results
  • Samples are exposed to an inoculums derived from compost from MSW
  • Aerobic composting takes place in an environment where temperature, aeration and
    humidity are closely monitored and controlled



  •  Plastic material
  • Inoculums of composted MSW
  • Exposer of the sample to controlled aerobic composting condition
  • Measuring CO2 evolved as a function of time
  • Assessing the degree of biodegradability
  • The % Biodegradability is obtained by determining the % C in the sample that is
  • converted to CO2 during the test.
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