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SRIs Building Material Testing Labs

Every engineering activity is wrapped with an idea, a design and a construction project. After the project on paper, SRI can help make the thought a reality by ensuring processes run efficiently, construction sites are safe and reliable materials are used.

SRI capabilities in terms of expertise, experience and state – of –the – art analytical equipment can undertake various type of studies related to research and analysis of various products including Cement, Building materials, Roadwork, Soil & Wood.


Functional Areas in Infrastructure sector

  • Feasibility studies for the construction of Building / Roads etc .
  • Pre and Post construction survey activities.
  • Mix Designs for Concrete structures including buildings and rigid pavements.
  • Job Mix Formula for Flexible pavements & Road designing.
  • Quality evaluation of Raw materials during pre construction.
  • In Process checks during construction.
  • Post construction quality checks through Non Destructive Evaluations.
  • Quality evaluation of Finished products used in construction.
  • Failure studies for the structures.
  • Third Party QA & QC / Independent Engineers.
  • Training Programmes at National & International levels.



Raw materials : Cement, Concrete, Sand, Aggregates, Bricks, Stones,  Lime, Admixtures,  Micro silica, Pipes , Fly ash and its products, Gypsum, Pavers, Anti stripping compound, Grout, Bentonite, Water Proofing compound, Coating material, Bitumen, Modified Bitumen, Aluminium section, M S plate, Steel, Angle,  Wires, Water, Wood, Ply,  Soil, Bituminous mix, Mastic asphalt, GSB, WMM, WBM.

Finished Products: Tiles, Gypsum plaster board, Asbestos, Sanitary Items, wooden doors / shutter, Glass panels, Paint, Enamel, Primer.

Non Destructive Evaluations: Rebound Hammer, UPV, Half cell potential, Cover depth, Rebar mapping.

Site Testing Facility : Core Extraction ( Rigid & bituminous), Compaction study by core cutting & sand replacement methods, Safe Bearing capacity, Standard Penetration test, Earth resistivity.

Survey studies:  Topography, Benkelman Beam, Roughness survey, Levels by total station, Traffic survey.



 Cement testing laboratory under take Chemical & Physical parameters of Cement, Concrete, Steel , Aggregates, Sand, Bricks, Water, Tiles, Admixture, Microsilica, Stones, Lime.



  • Concrete Mix design (M10 to M80 mixes, Lean, SCC, RCC, PQC, DLC etc.).
  • Job mix formula ( DBM, SDBC, GSB, WMM).
  • Stone Polishing Value.
  • Retained Tensile strength.
  • Durability studies of Concrete.
  • Surface Abrasion of Tiles.
  • Frost resistance/ Freezing & thawing.
  • Potential Alkali Aggregate Reactivity by Mortar Bar method.
  • Petrography of stones/ aggregates.
  • Marsh Cone Viscosity of Clay materials.
  • Marshall Stability & Flow Value of Bituminous materials.
  • Permeability of Hardened Concrete.
  • Heat of Hydration of Cement.
  • Drying Shrinkage of Cement & AAC Blocks.
  • Whiteness of White Cement.
  • Slake Durability of aggregates.
  • Alkali Silica Reactivity in aggregates.
  • Alkali Carbonate Reactivity in aggregates.



 Assessment of Probability of collapsing of overhead water tank without any external indications of cracks/ seepage.

  • Non destructive & Semi destructive evaluations of Column & Beams and other RCC members of building & structures for their rehabilitation.
  • Quality checking of materials & Concrete Mix designing up to M 80 grade , with and without additives.
  • Designing of Self compacting (SCC) & Roller compacting Concrete (RCC).
  • Verification/ Vetting of Concrete Mix Design.
  • Non destructive & Semi NDT evaluations of existing structure of the Heritage buildings.
  • Evaluation of Concrete materials and Concrete Mix design to set up various thermal power plant.
  • Studies on the Sulphate Resistant RCC pipes for checking whether the pipes really based on sulphate resistant cement.
  • Post Construction quality control works.
  • Independent Engineers for the development of Industrial Areas.
  • Third Party Quality control works for Housing Projects.
  • Quality Control and Technical Inspection of the different infrastructure projects including Roads, Bridges, Infiltration wells, Over head tanks, Water supply systems ,sewerage systems etc.
  • Quality evaluation of materials used in the large Hydro projects.
  • Studies on the Engineered Cementitious materials.
  • Development of method for fast curing of Cellular Light weight concrete blocks.
  • Establishing correlation between NDT and Semi NDT techniques.
  • Assessment of the failure of roads and proposal for the design and construction of new road.
  • Studies on the collapse of structure e.g. RCC tank, Pier cap, Strayed bridge , Road etc .



  • Indian Standard Specification (ISS)
  • British Standard Specifications (BS)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • European Standards (EN)
  • German Standards (DIN)
  • Japanese Standards (JIS)
  • Canadian Standards(CSA)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Saudi Arabian Standards (SASO)
  • Indian Road Congress (IRC)
  • CPWD Specifications
  • MOST / MORTH specifications
  • Defence Specification (DRDO)

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