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Technology Business Incubator




Shriram Institute-Technology Business Incubator (SRI-TBI) has been setup in the premises of Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi under the sponsorship of Department of science & technology (DST), Government of India. The SRI-TBI provides services in the fields of plastics, rubbers, specialty chemicals and waste management.

The mission of the SRI-TBI is to promote and contribute to the growth of indigenous industry and economy by fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.

Its vision is to become a premier centre of International standards for promotion, development and multiplication as:

  • An established technology and networking resource center for the creation of technology based new enterprises
  • A Major solution provider in plastics, rubber & chemical industries
  • A bridge between Research and Industry for the speedy commercialization of R&D outputs
  • A complimentary unit to the network of institutes working as catalyst for industrial growth
  • Creating value added jobs and services
  • Create technological awareness and consciousness in Business Enterprises
  • Assistance existing SMEs by way of specialized services

FAQ about SRI -TBI

01. Why SRI-TBI has been setup?

The center has been established to provide services in the fields of plastics, rubbers, specialty chemicals and waste management. The activities involve the development of products, processes & technologies for new entrepreneurs and updation and diversification for established industry majors. The TBI provides professional technical services to the upcoming entrepreneurs to manage, maintain and plan their business specifically during most vulnerable period of incubation. For promoting the entrepreneur development program and to create awareness among the young entrepreneurs, interactive meets and workshops are organized regularly. The purpose of the center is to:

  1. Develop new entrepreneurs by providing techno-commercial guidance so that they can establish their business in competitive market.
  2. Help existing entrepreneurs to improve their products, process and systems to meet the challenges / impediments to grow
  3. Advise entrepreneurs to diversify their business by providing them with expert opinions and guidance so that they can compete with global players.
  4. Build capabilities in the area of new products, applications and cost-effective ways by providing regular training as well as knowledge updation.

02. What are the activity domains of SRI-TBI?

Following areas have been selected for the major activities to be carried out by SRI- TBI:

I Plastics and Rubbers:

  • Product development
  • Processing
  • Applications
  • Process optimization
  • Trouble shooting
  • Import substitution

II Specialty chemicals and formulations:

  • Synthesis
  • Formulation development
  • Import substitution


III Waste management:

  • Polymer waste
  • Medical waste
  • Agriculture waste
  • Oils & Lubricant waste
  • Textile, Paper & Packaging waste

03. What are the services SRI-TBI can provide?

The center is specialized in providing the multi dimensional services under single roof. State of the art analysis and polymer processing expertise are in-house capabilities of the incubator.
The services provided to incubatee for setting up a business are as under:

  • Identification of product / process
  • Process development
  • Designing of plant & machinery
  • Vendor development

Besides, all types of assistance are also provided for site selection, plant commissioning, technology transfer and staff training. The existing industries are provided support for making their products competitive with respect to quality, price, output and process modification, waste minimization and value addition.

The list of the services rendered to incubatee under mutual agreement are summarized as under:

a) Product selection
The guidance to the client is provided for making right selection of product based on his investment capacity, past experience and knowledge base available.

b) Feasibility studies
A market feasibility report is prepared describing product demand & supplies status, export potential and major competitors.

c) Technology scrutiny
The available technology is evaluated for its viability, competitiveness or any need of modification.

d)Project detailing
Help is offered to the client company for project detailing in respect of developing process, finalization of specifications, validation of product / process, designing and identification of plant and machinery. The project cost is evaluated according to the actual need of the client and viable scale of the project.

e) Plant setting up & commissioning
The client is assisted for vendor identification, technical assistance for financial support, approval from govt. agencies, machinery selection, plant inspection, site selection, machinery installation and trials, training of staff.

f) Technology commercialization
All sorts of technical assistance are provided to the clients for launching their product in the market & preparation of product MSDS, brochure, etc.

04. What is the “Service Package” provided to incubatee?

Areas of interest of business incubation are products made of polymeric materials like plastics, rubbers, resins, adhesives, coatings, etc. These products are required to be manufactured by designing specific polymeric compositions and processing them into product. Their performance characteristics are evaluated using state of the art laboratory equipment before launching in the market. The right selection of machinery and tools are the most critical requirement for the operation in the selected area of business. The business incubation are mainly in the following areas:

  • Multi-layer film for food packaging applications
  • Injection molded articles of domestic, medical and automotive use
  • Profile for furniture’s, building materials etc.
  • Thermoplastic & thermo-set materials for electrical application
  • Vulcanized rubber products viz. pipes, tubes, cables, wires, moulded items, etc.
  • Hollow articles such as bottles and jerry cans
  • Medical devices such as blood bags, catheters etc.
  • Thermoformed bathtubs, disposable cups, plates etc.
  • Specialty resins, chemicals and formulations
  • Developing polymeric compounds for various applications
  • Waste utilization and value addition

Entry to the business incubator implies that entrants will get high quality physical facilities as well as infrastructure at a very nominal cost. The center provides the incubatee an access to data resources, experts and mentor pool through:

  • Office facilities
  • Shared resources
  • Business network support
  • Technical support

05. Who can apply to be an incubatee?

Budding entrepreneurs interested to come forward to set up their own industries may apply to TBI-SRI. The center provides all the facilities required by young entrepreneur such as space, technical expertise for developing the prototype, technical assistance to arrange finances for setting up industrial units as well as marketing assistance.

In addition, the center also provides support to the existing industries in sorting out their problems and making them competitive in the market, help them in diversification and minimizing or converting industrial waste into value added products.

SRI-TBI welcome entrepreneurs from various walks of life:

  • Scientists, researchers, engineers or any other professionals having innovative product know how
  • Students with bright and innovative ideas
  • Professionals with start-up ideas
  • Early stage companies
  • Companies/ NRI’s with visionary ideas

06. How an incubatee can be inducted?

The admission to the business incubator is based on an evaluation process carried out by an expert review committee. A start-up entity should preferably be a registered firm or a company before its admission. The TBI Advisory Board (TAB) conducts periodical reviews and monitors the progress of the incubatee.The potential entrepreneurs are assisted in pre-incubation stage for feasibility studies and preparing business plans.

07. How long an incubatee can be assisted?

Budding Depending upon the scope and dimensions of the business and need of the incubation as well as the interest of the incubatee, the project can be assisted for duration of one to three years. However, the center would keep assisting the startup companies, even after completion of incubation tenure, for establishing their business and make them competitive on both technological and commercial front.

08. Where is SRI – TBI located?

Shriram Institute-Technology Business Incubator (SRI-TBI) has been setup in the premises of Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi The address is as follows: Shriram Institute – Technology Business Incubator (SRI – TBI)


Shriram Institute for Industrial Research
19, University Road, Delhi – 110007 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(11)-35200456

E-mail: /


09. Who should be contacted to become an incubatee?

Name of the Contact Persons are:

Dr. Bhupesh Sharma : +91-9871438033

Dr. Vinay Tyagi : +91-9891153606

Mr. Nikhil Murria :  +91-9818813282

E-mail: /

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