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Analytical Support: Chemicals, Pesticides and Agrochemicals

With our extensive process knowledge and testing lab facilities we offer comprehensive analysis and testing of several agrochemicals:


Guidelines and protocols for Pesticide analysis

Analysis is done as per both National and International standards with following major protocols:

  • Bureau of Indian Standard specifications
  • FAO specifications
  • CIPAC guidelines
  • AOAC guidelines
  • WHO specifications
  • OECD specifications

In-house validated method and procedure

Party’s specification


Developmental trends & Thrust Areas:

  • SRI undertakes research in agrochemical analytical technology, in the broadest and widest manner for advancing pesticide formulation research and development thereby fostering public welfare and aiding the development of agrochemical industries, the major thrust area are:
  • Analyzing and certifying the pesticides both technical grade and formulations for their safe use and conformity to various national or international specifications
  • Replacing the existing classical methods with more accurate, precise and timesaving latest instrumental methods of analysis.
  • Impurity profiling of technical grade pesticides with complete profiling of the molecule including identifying and quantifying the impurities (process related and degradation by-products) along with the quantification of active ingredient.
  • Undertaking the studies for shelf life and enhancement of shelf life, container compatibility studies and persistence studies as per the CIB guidelines.
  • Five Batch Analyses, primarily on generic actives utilizing chromatography and mass spectrometry to separate, identify and quantify the impurities present apart from determination of Active ingredients, physico-chemical tests and spectral analysis.
  • Method development & validation of various agrochemical products for determination of active ingredients as per ICH guidelines.
  • Persistence/ Residue studies of the pesticides in water, soil & different crop commodities.
  • Providing solutions to customer-specific requirements for the development of different type of pesticides formulations.

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