Dr. Bansi Dhar Science, Technology and Innovation Lecture Series                                                                           

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6th Webinar
Oct 27, 2022
“R&D to Innovation: Bridging the gap in Higher Educational Institutions” Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao,Pillay Chair Professor & Ex-Director, IIT Delhi
5th Webinar
Jul 19, 2022
“Emerging Infectious Diseases :The Risk & Challenges” Dr. Chandrima Shaha, President of IndianNational Science Academy
4th Webinar
Jan 25, 2022
“Diversifying Crop Genome” Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Tyagi, Professor ofNASI, University of Delhi
3rd Webinar
Aug 03, 2021
“Building a strong Science andTechnology Foundation for arobust innovation ecosystem” Dr Renu Swaroop, Secretary, Departmentof Biotechnology
2nd Webinar
Mar 08, 2021
“The Need for a ContemporaryLiberal Education” Prof. Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan,Former Chairman, Indian Space ResearchOrganisation (ISRO)
1st Webinar
Nov 26, 2020
“Living With the Virus – The WayForward” Prof. Neeraj Nischal, Associate Professor,AIIMS, Delhi
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