The 58th Shriram Institute Founder Memorial Lecture was delivered by Prof. Pramod Kumar Garg, Head, Department of Gastroenterology, AIIMS, Delhi on ‘Improving Human Health through Biomedical Research: Future Beckons Us’ on April 26, 2024.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

  • SRI is having wide experience in execution of mega projects in the area of environment all over the country. More than 100 projects have been successfully executed during last 5 years.
  • SRI is well equipped with sophisticated & versatile analytical instruments & having updated technology for various analytical applications in the field of environment.
  • SRI is having well qualified professionals exhibiting expertise in respective areas.
  • Laboratories of SRI are recognized by various State Pollution Control Boards.


SRI provides a wide range of services including :

  • Monitoring & testing of Atmospheric Air; Process Emissions; Water; Wastewater; Solid Waste; Toxic & Hazardous Wastes; Noise & Vibration etc.
  • Complete Arrangement for Testing of Industrial Gases.
  • Site Survey & Industrial Risk Assessment including Disaster Management; Hazardous Management etc.
  • Biological & Socio – economic studies.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP) & Environmental Audits.
  • Micro meteorological Data.
  • Dispersion Modeling.
  • Estimation of Priority Pollutants in Environment.

Water Quality Monitoring

SRIs environment production division is equiped with well established lab for water quality monitoring which is not limited to waste water analysis.


Characterization of water to assess its suitability for specific uses viz.

  • Human Consumption
  • Irrigation Purpose
  • Building Construction
  • Recreational Purpose
  • Industrial Applications


Evaluation Studies:-

The performance evaluation studies include

  • Water treatment plants
  • Effluent treatment process
  • Water purification equipment
  • Storage vessels
  • Water testing kits
  • Corrosion Inhibitors


Special Studies in Water

  • Characterization of Bottled Mineral Water
  • Sea & Coastal Waters
  • Base -line Data for Desalination Plants
  • Wastewater Streams – Total Pollution Load Survey
  • Base-line data for Common Effluent Treatment Plants for Industrial Estates.
  • Prediction of Corrosive & Scaling Tendencies of Waters
  • Evaluation of Corrosive Rates of Waters on Metals Under Static & Dynamic Conditions.


Setting-Up of Captive Water Laboratory

Wide Experience in Setting-up of Captive Laboratories & Captive Building for Effective Quality Control of Water & Wastewaters.


  • Ambient Air Quality
  • Stack Emissions
  • Fugitive Emissions
  • Testing of Industrial Gases
  • Performance Evaluation of Pollution Control Systems
  • Certification of Pollution Load
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Incineration performance Evaluations
  • Toxicity index of combustible materials



SRIs soil testing laboratory is equipped with state of the art instrument to various soil characterizing activities.

  • Physical tests – Bearing capacity; Shear Strength; Standard penetration tests etc.
  • Soil reclamation, Salinity studies & remedial measures.
  • Heavy metals, pesticides & soil microbes.
  • Soil fertility & micro-nutrients suitability for different types of crops.



  • Categorisation of wastes
  • Leechability behaviour
  • Recycling & reuse options
  • Suitability for landfills & composting
  • Incineration studies of wastes.

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