The 58th Shriram Institute Founder Memorial Lecture was delivered by Prof. Pramod Kumar Garg, Head, Department of Gastroenterology, AIIMS, Delhi on ‘Improving Human Health through Biomedical Research: Future Beckons Us’ on April 26, 2024.

Metal and alloys

Metal and alloys

The metal alloy laboratory in Shriram Institute for Industrial research undertakes analytical studies listed below on Copper alloys, Ferrous alloys, Aluminum alloys, Aluminum-Magnesium alloys, Nickel alloys, solder alloys, Tin alloys as per national, international and product specific standards.

Mechanical studies – The laboratory analyzes mechanical properties (Yield strength, Ultimate Tensile strength, Elongation), hardness, metallographic, grain size, phase analysis, presence of inclusion and their ratings, Fractography, impact energy, compressive strength, flexural strength using UTM, hardness testers (Rockwell, Brinnel), Microhardness tester,  impact tester (Charpy holder).

Spectrochemical and wet analysis – the laboratory is well equipped to carry out spectrochemical and wet testing of metal alloys using AAS (VGA & GTA), ICP-OES.

Non Destructive analysis – the laboratory carries out non-destructive analysis on metal alloys using Ultrasonic, radiography, MPI, DPI for identifying cast and process induced internal defects in above-mentioned metal alloys.

Analysis of coatings – Detailed analysis of coatings in terms of their chemical composition, thickness, adhesive strength are carried out in this laboratory on Galvanized, Anodized, Nickel, silver, gold, electroless Nickel, copper, ceramic, Palladium, Rhodium, Platinum and powder coatings on metal and non-metal surfaces.

Specialized studies – Structure-property correlations, consultancy research projects, failure analysis, corrosion, Tribology.

Corrosion – The lab has facility for carrying out corrosion studies (corrosion penetration rate, identifying type of corrosion), on metal alloys and coatings.

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